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Hello, my name is Ghexter Meow. I'm a student developer who is currently doing nothing Cat vibin. I'm 15 years old and I'm learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, and Rust programming.

Featured Projects


It's a modular Discord.js bot similar to Axis, but it's not deprecated and written in typescript. To run reciple, unlike Axis, you don't need to download the entire repo; simply install it and type the command.

Axis (Deprecated)

Axis is a Discord bot that loads modules that contains commands and other functions to easily build your bot by adding those scrips made for your supported Axis version.

HiddenPlayer (Inactive)

HiddenPlayer is an afk bot that makes a non 24/7 server online for a long time. This was originally used for a server but shortly removed as it's a breach to the hosting TOS.

Fallout Utility

A utility module used for Fallout projects. This includes the main logger of Axis bot and some other utilities. This is still in development and is not meant to be used for anything else.